Best presentations

Best presentations of ICDLE 2018

Session 1

The Production Process of Bilingual Courseware at the National Institute of Education for the Deaf

Bruno Galasso and Dirceu Esdras

Instituto Nacional de Educação de Surdos, Brazil

Session 2

Design and Development of Bit Arrow: A Web-based Programming Learning Environment

Kazuhei Nagashima, Shinya Cho, Masayuki Horikoshi, Hiroki Manabe, Susumu Kanemune and Mitaro Namiki

Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

Session 3

Real-time Detection of Low-Achieving Groups in Face-to-Face Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning

Jeongyun Han, Wonjong Rhee and Young Hoan Cho

Seoul National University, Korea

Session 4

A Preliminary Study in The Need of Designing and Implementing Technology Coaching Programme

Anandraj Govindaraj and V.S.Giita Silverajah

Jalan University, Malaysia

Session 5

Salient Features of an Effective Immersive Non-Collaborative Virtual Reality Learning Environment

Abadia Rhodora, James Calvert, Syed Mohammad Tauseef

Torrens University Australia, Australia

Session 6

Effect of Instructor Inclusion type and Subject Complexity on Students’ Learning in Lecturer Video

Jianxia Cao, Akinori Nishihara and Shijuan Wang

Wuhan University of Technology, China

Session 7

A Framework for Developing Programmable Low-cost Robotics Kit for Classroom Education

Mehedi Hasan Masum, Tanvir Shahriar Rifat, Saifuddin Md. Tareeq and Hasnain Heickal

University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

Session 8

Automatic Generation of Interactive NPC Scripts for a Mixed-Reality Integrated Learning Environment

Andrew Yuan, Fengfeng Ke, Raymond Naglieri, Xin Yuan, Mariya Pachman and Zhaihuan Dai

Florida State University, USA

Session 9

Visualizing math inequalities by paper craft and mixed reality

Kazuhisa TAKAGI

Kochi College, National Institute of Technology, Japan

Session 10

Book Recommended Formulation Based on Multiple Bibliographic Information 

Suthathip Maneewongvatana, Apilak Suntornacane and Nattapol Assawawayuyothin 

King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi, Thailand

Session 11

Fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS in Cross Domain Collaboration Recommendation with Fuzzy Visualization Representation 

Maslina Zolkepli and Teh Noranis Mohd Aris


Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia


Session 12

Wikipedia- Advanced & reliable educational tool


Mohammed Galib Hasan


Wikipedia Education Program, Bangladesh 

Session 13

A Study on the Acceptance of Internet Banking


Solomon Oluyinka, Anatalia N. Endozo and Roland Calma

Baliuag University, Philippines


Session 14

The Use of Edpuzzle to Support Low-Achiever's Development of Self-Regulated Learning and their Learning of Chemistry 

V. S. Giita Silverajah and Anandraj Govindaraj 

Jalan University, Malaysia