Keynote Speakers


Prof. Dragan Gasevic
Monash University, Australia

Dragan Gašević is Professor of Learning Analytics in the Faculty of Information Technology and Director of the Centre for Learning Analytics at Monash University. He is a founder and served as the President (2015-2017) of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR). He has also held several honorary appointments in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. In 2019-2021, he was recognized as the national field leader in educational technology in The Australian’s Research Magazine. He led the EU-funded SHEILA project that received the Best Research Project of the Year Award (2019) from the Association for Learning Technology. In 2022, he received the Lifetime Member Award, the highest distinction of SoLAR. Dragan’s research interests centre around the development of computational and design methods that can advance understanding of self-regulated and collaborative learning.




Prof. Minjuan Wang
San Diego State University, USA

Dr. M. Wang is Professor of Learning Design and Tech at San Diego State University, iLRN's VP in International Relations, and Editor-in-Chief (EiC) of the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies (TLT). She also serves on the board of director for Immersive Learning Research Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of immersive worlds and environments for formal and informal education.

Her research specialties focus on the sociocultural aspects of online learning, mobile learning, immersive learning using X-reality, and entrepreneurship education. She served as the chief editor for one international journal (EAI Transactions on E-Learning), and as guest editor for Virtual Reality and the Journal of Interactive Learning. She was either a Co-PI or senior personnel on several national and international grant programs. Currently she serves as co-PI on NSF’s Coupled Natural and Human Systems project led by SDSU’s Department of Geography (2018 to 2022). In addition, Dr. Wang is an internationally recognized scholar and has keynoted more than 25 international conferences.

Speech Title: Metaverse, Metaversity, and The Future of Education
Abstract: The Metaverse is considered the third wave of the Internet revolution, able to support persistent interconnected online 3D virtual environments (3DVE), and promising to bring new levels of social connection and collaboration. How to effectively design and use Metaverse in teaching and learning remains crucial for the development of effective learning experiences. In addition, there are critical ethical and governance issues related to the Metaverse and XR (Extended-Reality) technologies, including security, privacy, equity, accessibility and intellectual property.

In this presentation, Dr. Wang will first showcase exemplary Metaverse technologies and learning platform, then continue discussing associated research topics and directions. As the EiC for TLT, she may also discuss how to write and publish in the Journal’s special issue on Metaverse and the Future of Education.